PR... just without the inflated price tag. People say our approach is industry disruptive, we call it forward thinking. But don't take our word for it - just ask our clients.

Our multi-award winning agency was founded in 2013 with one very simple mission: to cut the cost of traditional PR. Why? Magazines find products to feature in a digital way, so we don’t need to spend your thousands on a showroom editors don’t visit. In fact, we are so confident in our approach to PR that we’re the only agency in the UK to put our pricing online for the world to see. 

Our dedication and persistence have resulted in hundreds of pieces of coverage for the best fashion, homeware and lifestyle brands out there. Our tight-knit team know exactly how to get your products seen by the right people, whether that be on an influencer or in a printed publication. And the best part? On average it’ll cost you a third less than if you were with a traditional PR agency, so you can spend your well-earned cash elsewhere.

We've fine-tuned our services so you can just do product placement or opt for a more 360 PR strategy. We’re all about seeing brands with great products on the pages of magazines and endorsed by the best influencers, so that's exactly what we do - just for a fraction of the cost.

Why should we work together

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We deliver
Don’t underestimate our ability to gain coverage because of our affordable pricing. We gain just as much (if not more) coverage for our brands as any other PR agency.

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Our relationships
Over the years we’ve built long-lasting relationships with editors that love the brands we work with. 

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Our clients like us
We’re honest, approachable & friendly. And we won't take your money unless we know we can do a great job.

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We only work with the best
To compete for PR space in 2018 you not only need a great product but a great brand and social media as well. 

Ready to sit alongside the best brands in the UK and pay less each month?