Our favourite brands from Top Drawer

We spent the start of this week at Top Drawer browsing for brands - here's a few of our favourites:

Ian Snow



Ian Snow's products are inspired by his lifelong love of India - think bohemian rugs and soft furnashings that add a handmade touch to your home.




The Memobottle is a premium, re-usable, flat water bottle designed to neatly slide into carry bags - perfect for those who want to take a step towards eco-friendly living.

The Room Alive



The Room Alive is a beautiful brand that specialising in practical and stylish living - their designs are perfect for minimalists and pastel lovers.

Meylor Paper Goods



Meylor Paper Goods is a modern, minimalist stationery brand placing an emphasis on quality. We're noting our new year's resolutions down in this gorgeous green notebook. 

Sevak Zargarian



Ceramic designer Sevak Zargarian makes his products by hand from the comforts of his own garden studio - we love the unearthed collection

Doiy Design



We've got our eye on this cyclops wall mirror - just one of the 'gems of creativity' that come from this Barcelona based brand. 

Goodbye London Fashion Agency

FINAL WEB Image.gif

Hello LFA (Lifestyle & Fashion Agency).

As of today (15th January 2018 for you latecomers), The London Fashion Agency will be relaunching as LFA (Lifestyle & Fashion Agency). We started The London Fashion Agency in 2013 with one very simple mission of cutting the cost of traditional PR, and over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of fashion brands on gaining thousands of pieces of coverage. 

Since then, we’ve expanded our portfolio to represent some of the best lifestyle and homeware brands in the business, so it only felt right that our name changed to reflect the diversification and growth of the agency. The affordable PR model works: we've got the results to prove it. 

We'll still be doing the same award-winning PR, we're just extending it to lifestyle and homeware brands too.


Our award-winning services

Press Outreach Retainer

Budget P/M: £790+

Influencer Outreach

Budget P/M: £790+


Budget: £190

LFA Behind the Scenes - Meet Milo

Milo-Instagram (1).jpg


Milo is a fluffy fashion icon with a bigger wardrobe than the rest of the office combined. He's impawsibly cute, but highly suspicious of the following: scooters, hats, and dogs with long ears. 

What do you put on your toast?

Look, I'm a dog and I'll take what I can get.

What’s your feel-good song?

I don't think dogs have favourite songs.

Ask your best friend to describe you in 3 words:

Wise, playful and a bit bossy.

What are you most proud of?

I haven't bitten a delivery man in aaages, which is good.

You can only watch one film for the rest of your life. What is it?

I don't think dogs have favourite films.

What’s the best discovery you’ve ever made?

That I can use my incredibly cute face to prize food from everyone in the office.

Something you want to achieve in the next year?

I don't think dogs have definitive life goals.

What’s your favourite smell?


What would you tell your 15-year-old self?

Is that in human or dog years?

What are you having for dinner tonight?

Some Bakers with a side of whatever mum & dad are having. 

Follow me on: instagram.com/miloandbruce

LFA Christmas Gift Guide 2017

'Tis the Season for treating yourself.
(And buying gifts for loved ones) 
((But mainly treating yourself))

We're joking, kind of. We've rounded up all the best gifts from some of our favourite brands - read on to see all of the treats that Team LFA are eyeing up this Christmas..




5 Instagram Accounts To Stalk - Homeware

Where better to find all your homeware inspiration than on Instagram? We've gathered together 5 of our favourite accounts that will help you discover some amazing homeware gems and will liven up your Insta feed along the way... you're welcome!

R O O M 3 5 6

If you like: Neutrals & beautifully simple, parred-back pottery


If you like: Homeware with eccentricity, playfulness and character.


If you like: Homeware & stationery & calm Insta vibes


If you like: Wanderlust & exotic bold prints


f you like: Homemade, simple & stylish, porcelain homeware

Our Top 10 Brands From Stylist Live




Our very own Toolally make beautiful perspex earrings from their studio in Yorkshire. Our favourites are the Swinging Circles and the Fandangos.


Started by sister duo Chloe & Lauren, Soror Studio aims to empower women, curating all of their favourite female-powered brands under one roof.


Miss Pom Pom design beautiful, graphic knitwear from their Brixton studio. We love the Geo scarf, which coincidentally was featured in today's Emerald Street.


Flamingo Candles specialise in cool, printed candles at an incredible price point. Take our word for it, this one smells just like gin & tonic.


MT Masking Tape are a super cool Japanese brand that make, yep you guessed it - masking tape. They come in all sorts of colours and patterns, and are perfect for making your Christmas gifts look that little bit more interesting.


Not Another Bill make beautiful, customised gifts. If you're feeling extra generous, set up a monthly subscription for your loved one for the ultimate year-round gift.


Doisy & Dam do delicious chocolate in wrappers you (almost) won't want to open - our favourite was the lemon & poppy seed (and the date & Himalayan pink salt, and the maple & toasted rice...)


Sloane Stationery are known for their timeless notebooks and diaries that you can customise - 2018 is fast approaching, so make sure you get yours before it's too late.


Nikki Strange is a Hackney based accessories label specialising in prints "for daydreamers and free spirits." We love all things green, so this Paradise Palms notebook is right up our street.


Who doesn't love a little drink on a Friday evening? Drinks By The Dram make theirs in 30ml sample format, so you can't go too overboard. With Christmas coming up, treat yourself to this Advent Calendar.

LFA Behind the Scenes - Meet Nick


Meet Nick - non-exec


Money man by day, lycra lover by night, Nick is the Bear Grylls of LFA. Banned from controlling the office Spotify, Nick has a penchant for liking songs that were cool two years ago. 


1. What do you put on your toast? 

Can I change the question to what do you put in between your toast? Great thanks. Bacon.

2. What’s your feel-good song?

Dance hall days. Wang Chung’s one hit 80’s wonder. Best tune you've never heard of. Or at least that's what I keep telling people. 

3. Ask your best friend to describe you in 3 words:

Handy. Thrillseeker. Ferrel. Not necessarily in that order

4. What are you most proud of?

Weirdly my proudest moment was a big fat failure. In a team of 5 we rowed non-stop in 2 hour shifts from Barcelona into the med towards Sardinia in a raceagainst 3 other boats. We were about 150 miles from land and in the lead by long way when a massive storm kicked up, with towering waves capsizing us for 36 hours. One heli rescue later, I was onshore aware of how incredibly we came together as a team, not only to pull so far ahead in the race but also survive what was a pretty hairy situation.

5. You can only watch one film for the rest of your life?

Tried to think of a more refined answer but no luck. Topgun. Fighter jets. 80s music. Homoerotic volleyball scenes. It has everything.

6. What’s the best discovery you’ve ever made?

Easiest one here. My fiancee.

 7. Something you want to achieve in the next year?

Compete in the adventurists Ngwala cup. Crazy Sailing race in Tanzania

8. What’s your favourite smell?

New wetsuit 

9. What would you tell your 15-year-old self?

The same thing I am always telling my 19 year old sister. You can do anything you want for a living,get passionate about something and pursue it until you are the best at it. 

10. What are you having for dinner tonight? Healthy night.  Homemade ceviche

Follow me on: @nlksmith87

Payday Wishlist - October

Congratulations! You made it to the end of another month.. (where is the year going by the way?) ...which means it's payday! Here are a couple of the items that we have been waiting all month to buy, from some of the coolest independent brands about.





Trucker Jacket - £69 Jeans - £42

Trucker Jacket - £69 Jeans - £42


Print Rucksack - £95


Nude Sofa - £1399

Nude Sofa - £1399

5 Instagram Accounts To Stalk - Style

It's that time again, where we share with you the Instagram accounts that you need to be following (as if you even need an excuse). This time it's fashion focused, and we have you covered for all your essential needs, from lingerie to bags and everything in between. Feast your eyes and get following..


If you like: Lace, lingerie & all things feminine


If you like: Blue, clean simplicity & DENI


If you like: Bold colours, fun clothes & dreaming of better days in LA


If you like: Cool shapes & fresh design


If you like: Leather bags, classic, timeless style, art & culture

Glossier Wishlist

After what feels like at least a million years, Glossier has fiiiinally launched in the UK for the first time since its 2014 launch and we, like everybody else, are completely obsessed. To commemorate the occasion, we've rounded up all of the things that are going straight in our basket come pay day.

Consider this bandwagon officially jumped on. 


Haloscope Highlighter, £18

Haloscope Highlighter, £18


Studio Cotton


Our lovely Bristol-based friends at Studio Cotton help small businesses turn their ideas into beautiful and profitable brands. Their affordable services provide the guidance and expertise you need in order to shape your strategy, grow and find new customers - at any stage of your journey. 

Like us, they're dedicated to supporting independent creatives, and the friendly team behind Studio Cotton have kindly offered us an exclusive discount on a range of their services which we would love to share with you:

For 15 % off all services (excluding videography) use lfa15

YAYLFA99 gives £99 off one of the following five different consultations:






And finally, LOVEFROMFLA gives one person £250 off a website, which you can view here

Please note that the discounts are applicable on a first come, first serve basis. A few services are currently only available in Bristol and London. 

LFA Behind The Scenes – Meet Shannon


Shannon is a Northern Irish bookworm and office DJ whose passions include feminism, gingers, and pickled onion Monster Munch. When not watching Bake Off, you'll find her playing darts with Cecilie.


What do you put on your toast?

An unhealthy amount of Lurpak and usually some of Cecilie's cheese (sorry).

What’s your feel-good song?

When You're Gone by Bryan Adams and Mel C - it reminds me of moving to Brixton and it's just SO GOOD.

Ask your best friend to describe you in 3 words:

"Ambitious/ Endearingly awkward but not at all awkward - I don't know how to phrase it/ What's a word for people who people gravitate towards, do you get me?"

(She's great at this 3 words thing)

What are you most proud of?

Surviving my first year in London after moving here alone. It was challenging and at times really lonely, but I've come out with a great friends and a job I love.

You can only watch one film for the rest of your life. What is it?

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (the Gene Wilder one, obviously).

What’s the best discovery you’ve ever made?

LFA (I'm not just trying to earn brownie points, promise..) - I've learned so much in the past 7 months, and plus the girls actively encourage me playing Taylor Swift in the office. Win win!

Something you want to achieve in the next year?

To get my writing published in a magazine - watch this space!

What’s your favourite smell?

Petrol. Sweet, sweet petrol.

What would you tell your 15-year-old self?

For heaven's sake stop texting that boy whilst on holiday - Mum will use that £500 phone bill against you for the rest of time.

What are you having for dinner tonight?

Probably a pizza from Mamma Dough in Brixton. I have no willpower.

Follow me on: @shannonlchristie

5 Things Coming Up This Month - October

5 things coming up this month in the LFA calendar that we think you should know about.


Premieres October 4th

Premieres October 4th

The Apprentice returns for its 13th series on October 4th at 9pm on BBC One. Sir Alan Sugar along with his ears and eyes, Karen Brady and Claude Littner are back on the hunt for his newest business partner. Who will you get behind?



It's that time of year again and the switch happened the moment the clock struck 12am midnight October 1st. Whether you're the type to dawn your Halloween best and bust a move at the Ministry of Sound or take part in a True Crime quiz at the haunted Ten Bells pub in Spitalfields; this is the month that keeps on giving. Head over to TimeOut London for more Halloween fun!

Reserve a True Crime table here



Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Then Future Girl Corp will take you on an inspiring journey. This month they're helping you create a launch plan for your business to not only get you excited but also your audience! Check them out on Instagram for more female empowerment and event updates @futuregirlcorp

Register your interest for October's workshop here


October 27th - October 29th

October 27th - October 29th

BluesFest is a 3 day celebration of Blues and Soul legends at London's O2 Arena. 'Disco's greatest band' CHIC feat. Nile Rodgers joins other greats; Gov’t Mule and Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band as headliners for this year's festival and will be kicking off the weekend as the opening act on October 27th. If their phenomenal Glastonbury performance was anything to go by, BluesFest is not one to miss.

Grab your tickets here


October 4th - October 15th

October 4th - October 15th

October sees the 61st BFI London Film Festival; one of London's biggest celebrations of the year. Whether you just want to do a little bit of celebrity spotting on the red carpet, discover the very best of international cinema or attend filmmaker workshops, this is one for your calendar.

Find out more about festival tickets here

Our favourite brands from Top Drawer



Wrap is a super cool London-based design and publishing brand working with some of the best illustrators and designers in the business. This homegrown brand only uses the best materials to make their products and it reflects beautifully on the shelves of multiple leading design stores globally!



Co-founder Alice Whiteley describes her brand perfectly; 'I created Yawn to promote relaxation.' Yawn spouted from her desire to find pyjamas that were both lovely and comfortable, but one always seemed to lack the other! Yawn's bespoke fabrics has just about every type of sleeper covered (no pun intended) so check them out and get ready to relax.



Whilst living and exploring Senegal over the last 6 years, Sisters Elizabeth and Emma developed a love and appreciation for local artisans. They would visit markets to buy baskets of their own to which they used for just about everything! Artisanne combines modern designs with traditional West African technique; they also work directly with weavers to ensure they receive a fair income for their products.


Cute dog not included (unfortunately)

Cute dog not included (unfortunately)

Another homegrown favourite for all dog-lovers out there! Sweet William was inspired by founder Emma Wood's best friend and Black Lab, William. The brand's signature collection, The Mischievous Mutt, has become their endearing signature. Sweet William is all about celebrating your love for dogs and brightening up your day!


duck ceramics.png

Duck Ceramics is a one woman design team based in her Brighton studio. Simplicity and function drives Founder Alice Duck's work; 'It might be a drunk mug, or a wonky vase, or the lines may not be as straight ... but this is why I fell in love with handmade ceramics.' Stop by the website and have a look for yourself!



Whether you're looking for tea towels, notebooks or miniature paper shoes (there may be some real shoes thrown in there too), Cambridge Imprint has it all! This brand aims to create authentic hand-drawn products without relying on computer generated designs; they thrive on the possibility of a happy accident to encourage creativity.

Brixton Design Trail - Come & Visit Us!

design trail.jpeg

Brixton Design Trail is back this 16th-24th September and to mark the occasion we're opening up our studio to the public on the 18th & 19th of September.

Pop in and see how we work and take a look at our beautiful independent brands, get an insight into PR with our drop-in PR taster corner where you'll find out who we are and what we do, and enjoy some refreshments from local businesses. Everyone who attends will even be sent a free guide to PR - win, win!

If you would like a 15 minute chat about PR, Marketing & Branding you can book in a slot with the team - to do so, send an email outlining your availability to hello@thelondonfashionagency.com  and we'll get back to you confirming your appointment. 

We hope to see you there!

LFA Behind The Scenes – Meet Cecilie


MEET CECILIE - Senior PR Manager


Cecilie is a native Scandi and crisps enthusiast. She's a dedicated member of Cool Dog Group on Facebook but when not browsing for pooches, you'll find her playing darts with Shannon.


What do you put on your toast?

Cheese (no butter) or cured meat! It's never too early for cured meat. Never. 

What’s your feel-good song?

I know it's so 2014, but Taylor Swift - Shake it Off. 

Ask your best friend to describe you in 3 words:

"Quietly driven, positive and beautiful inside & out."

What are you most proud of?

Moving to London and not giving up on my dream of working in fashion (that sounds so cliche). 

You can only watch one film for the rest of your life. What is it?

Frances Ha! I got so much love for this film. 

What’s the best discovery you’ve ever made?

I was going to say LFA, but Shannon beat me to it. So I'll have to go for Cool Dog Group. 

Something you want to achieve in the next year?

After listening to so many great podcasts the last year (hi Pandolly & Emma Gannon!) I'm tempted to start my own (in Norwegian). 

What’s your favourite smell?

Coffee and freshly-baked bread.

What would you tell your 15-year-old self?

Stop worrying so much.

What are you having for dinner tonight?

You'll have to ask my boyfriend. He does all the cooking. 

Follow me on: @cecilie0lsen

5 Things Coming Up This Month - September

5 things coming up this month in the LFA calendar that we think you should know about.


15th-19th September

15th-19th September

London Fashion Week is back again (how does it come around so quickly?). If your boyfriend's sister's aunt's grandmother's pet dog didn't manage to blag you front row seats then there's always the London Fashion Week festival. This is taking place at The Store Studios where you can shop the trends and listen to talks by industry experts. 

Find out more here.


16th-24th September

16th-24th September

The Brixton Design Trail is turning two! Pop along and enjoy talented local designers, activities and of course (and perhaps most importantly) food. We'll even be opening our studio to the public!

Find out more here.


10th September

10th September

Our very own Rosie will be divulging all of her industry secrets at the Career Girl Academy - prepare to be inspired. 

Buy your tickets here.



Summer's not over just yet, salvage those last few rays of sun and treat yourself to a cocktail (or five).

Check it out.


10th-12th September

10th-12th September

The trade show of all trade shows, Top Drawer is the perfect opportunity to display the best your brand has got and do a little window shopping at the same time.

Register here.

LFA Behind The Scenes – Meet Rosie




Rosie is a Northern soul, Southern fried. On weekends she's trawling through London's independent boutiques, playing dog Mum to Milo, and planning her next big business venture. 


What do you put on your toast?

Avocado, rock salt and a sprinkle of chilli!

What’s your feel-good song?

Anything from Whitney Houston / Taylor / Beyoncé / Celine Dion, but I'm currently loving Ellie Goulding   - Still Falling for you

Ask your best friend to describe you in 3 words:

"Passionate, Crazy and Loyal." She then backed that up with “Obvs crazy in a good way. All the best people are crazy.”

What are you most proud of?

Watching LFA grow into more than I ever thought was possible.

You can only watch one film for the rest of your life. What is it?

Home Alone. Because imagine Christmas without Home Alone.

What’s the best discovery you’ve ever made?

All of team LFA. Cecilie, Shannon, Jade, Tasha and all of our amazing interns past and present. Honestly – I’d be lost without them.

Something you want to achieve in the next year?

Cook something really special for my boyfriend Nick without burning any of it!

What’s your favourite smell?

Bonfire hair - you know when you’ve been to a bonfire and your hair smells of it.. Just me?

What would you tell your 15-year-old self?

Dyslexia is NEVER going to stop you from achieving what you want to in the future, so don’t let it affect your confidence today.

What are you having for dinner tonight?

Ah we just had takeaway pizza…. Mamma Dough in Brixton is too tempting! 

Follow me on: @rosie_LFA