5 Top Tips For PRing your PR


So you've put the time in, perfected your pitch et voila! You've been featured. Congratulations - this is a huge achievement.

But what now? Shout it from the rooftops. Here's a few ways that you can milk your coverage for all its worth.

1.  Keep Everything

Your press coverage will only last as long as that issue of the magazine or newspaper is on the shelves, so make the most of it while you can! If your coverage is online make sure to screenshot it. If your coverage is in print buy a copy of the publication and scan it in so you have a digital copy. This way you will have it to cherish forever and you can use it to your advantage by re-posting it on social media.

2.  Get Social

There’s nothing more powerful that putting your coverage out on social media for the world to see, especially on platforms with millions of users. Not only will all of your loyal followers see it, but by using hashtags you can expand your reach to a whole range of potential customers from all over the world.

Make sure you tag the publication, the editor, and/or the journalist who included your product in the publication. Your account popping up in their notifications is just another way for them to remember your brand name which can, in turn, lead to future coverage. Similarly, if they post the piece of press on their social media make sure to like, comment and share it.

3.  Good News Travels Fast

What better way to share your new press coverage with the people that really care than with the newsletter they’ve all signed up to? Whether they’ve just signed up to get a discount or because they’re genuinely interested in the brand, you have a database of past and potential customers just waiting to be contacted. This little bit of news about your brand being in Cosmopolitan, The Guardian, Tatler, or wherever else it may be could be the one thing that persuades your subscribers to make that all important purchase.

4.  Make a Connection

The editor or journalist that featured you is the one who made your press coverage happen, so give them what they deserve – a big ol' thank you! Just a quick email to say thank you for the opportunity and that you appreciate their time can mean the world. Not every brand does it, so sending that quick email will help you stand out and, most importantly, can lead to more coverage. If you come across as genuinely grateful and all-round lovely, editors will be much more inclined to feature you again in the future.

5.  Press Page

Editors are unlikely to put you in their publication without doing their research first and one of the first things they'll look at is your website. Having a 'Press' or 'As Seen In' page will give them an idea of which publications you have been featured by previously - and it may just encourage them to feature you too if they can see that your brand aligns with their audience.

A press page will also encourage customers to trust in your products. When publications that have been around for years such as Vogue or The Evening Standard feature your products, customers will believe that your brand is worth spending their hard earned money on. It gives them that extra reassurance they sometimes need to make a purchase.

Taking some extra time from your day to complete these little steps can make all the difference. Press coverage isn’t just your image and brand name online or in print, it’s a gateway to brand credibility and increasing sales and traffic. Don’t underestimate the power of PRing your PR!

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Rosie Davies