5 Ways to Get Past Imposter Syndrome


It would be great to think that once we reach our goals, achieve our dreams and find 'success' (whatever that is) that everything will be a straight and narrow path from then on. Wouldn't that be nice? Although that's the case for many, some of us will deal with the inevitable downfall of 'imposter syndrome'.

Imposter Syndrome manifests itself as "a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success". This means that while you may be making sales and getting seen by all the right people, you're concerned that you'll inevitably be exposed as a fraud. Silly, isn't it, but it's something that affects more people than you'd think.

While there's no magical cure, here's a few tips to help tackle imposter syndrome head on.

1. Give yourself a pat on the back

Sounds simple, but most of us are too busy putting ourselves down to actually sit down and appreciate how much we've achieved. Whatever it is you're doubting - be it your career, business or brand- is an accomplishment to be massively proud of. Think about how hard you've worked for this and realise that you deserve it. And for goodness sake treat yourself - there's no point in working so hard if you can't relish in the rewards.

2. Stop comparing

Telling someone to stop comparing themselves to other people is the most empty sentiment to give, but we're going to do it anyway - so stop! Stop it now! It's easy to look on things like social media and think that everyone else is living a happy and fulfilling life, but it's important to remind yourself that social media is only a best bits reel. The way someone else's life looks has no relevance to the success of you or your brand. 

3. Fake it til' you make it

You may not feel like the owner of your own successful business, but you can certainly pretend to be. Act as if you are and soon you shall become. Pretending to take on a role you already have can allow you to over exaggerate your duties, create more for yourself to do, and overachieve. 

4. Look to the future

Your brand won't be able to succeed without a level headed, goal conscious founder and CEO. How can you be these things when you feel as though you're a fraud? Your brand needs you and the skills you used to get it off the ground to push it to its maximum potential. You've taken it this far, take it even further and become an even bigger success. Focusing on these goals will allow the imposter syndrome to fade into the background. 

5. Fight it!

Although easier said than done, sometimes the best way to tackle something that's bothering you is to face it head on. Recognise that you have imposter syndrome, but do not allow it to affect you or your business. There may be times when you feel like a fraud or question why all this has happened to you rather than someone else, but don't let it deter you. It's just a thought and you can push past it. 

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Rosie Davies