Why Content Marketing Is Vital For Your Brand

Whether it's for your emails, social media or your blog, content marketing is one of the most effective ways of keeping your customers engaged while attracting new ones. Here's why it should be at the backbone of your marketing strategy and what it can do for your brand. 

Image credit: @presentandcorrect

Image credit: @presentandcorrect

Builds your community and your brand awareness

Creating good content (beyond offers and promotions) adds value and personality giving your customers a reason to return. It also gives them something to talk about and engage with, which again can increase your awareness and build a community of loyal customers. Content reflective of your brand and your brand's voice will allow you to build meaningful relationships with customers potential and present. 

Gives you valuable customer information

Whether it is an article, an Instagram post or a marketing campaign, engaging content encourage conversation and interaction, bringing you closer to your customers. By opening up for feedback and communication you will be able to gain incredibly valuable customer information. These insights will enable you to be even more strategic with your marketing and produce content tailored to your audience's wants and needs.

Improves your SEO

Content and SEO go hand in hand. Aside from being picked up by your customers, quality content is more likely to be picked up as preferred content by search engines too. Think about what terms your audience might be using when searching for content and include the relevant keywords strategically. By doing this you will avoid 'keyword stuffing', which basically means using the same keyword too many times without adding any value. Plus, once you've published something it stays online forever meaning that your content can give you a long-term traffic boost. 

Builds trust

Building a trusted presence and establishing yourself as a reputable and reliable brand takes time and that's why your content plays a vital role here. Anything you 'put out' is an immediate representation of your brand so if your content is relevant, helpful and engaging, your customers will think the same of your brand. 

Get you one step ahead of your competitors  

While your competitors are probably already on it, it doesn't mean that you can't do it better or differently. While it's absolutely fine to get inspiration from other brands or companies, make sure that you don't copy them. You have a different audience and voice and your content needs to be aligned with this. 


Generating content is one thing, but knowing what content gets your audience clicking is another. If you feel like you need some direction we might be able to help

Rosie Davies