Is PR still relevant in the digital age?


This is a question we hear a lot. Whilst traditional press outlets may be having some upsets at the moment (even online publications), PR still holds a level of credibility that cannot be matched by any other avenue. Here we explore why:

The power of trust

While there are a plethora of great online publications out there, and lots of exciting new platforms emerging, many readers still trust long-standing print magazines the most. Because some people tend to be more trusting of reputable magazines, traditional media is still very much effective, which again means that being featured in a well-known publication will boost your brand recognition massively.

And while print publications might be constantly challenged by the ever-changing media landscape, traditional media is still equally relevant and highly influential. With such little control over what information is floating around online, there is even the argument that PR has become more relevant in the digital age. With so much social noise it’s press validation that people turn to and trust. 

Social media vs PR

Like most industries, public relations has been transformed by social media and has changed the way we interact, and in these days of instant communication, many view social media as a form of PR. While it’s a great and powerful channel, it cannot replace PR completely. People are getting savvier and are aware that a big majority of content posted on social media is paid (sponsored) or gifted. This means that many consumers still have more faith in press. 

Through social media, you can connect with your customers and influencers, whereas press allows you to create positive impressions of your brand while enhancing that emotional connection. Social media and PR go hand in hand and if you’ve nailed both you will be able to drive your brand forward. 

Support your digital strategy and boost your SEO

Press coverage is something that can strengthen your marketing efforts - and vice versa. Incorporate a recent piece of press in a paid ad, in your newsletter or on your website. An easy but effective way of endorsing your brand while strengthening your online presence. 

When used with SEO, PR can take advantage of key search terms and maximise coverage on what people are already searching for. Think about how often you Google a brand or a product before making that first purchase; the power of online review-based websites is bigger than ever. Having your product featured in an online space such as IndyBest or ES Best will not only increase trust - it can also drive through continuous website traffic and help boost your SEO visibility. Consumer habits are changing and most people look online as the first step in making any purchasing decisions.

While the industry has shifted with the digital age, traditional PR is still very successful in terms of building brand awareness, boosting your credibility, driving sales and help to grow your brand. PR encapsulates an element of credibility and trust that still cannot be matched by social media or any other avenue. 

PR is a key element in building your brand and securing your longevity and should form part of any brand’s growth strategy. Find out why here.

Rosie Davies