Marketing Content Creation

from £1100* p/m + £500 deep dive in month 1

Contract length: Minimum 6 months

Do you have things to say but don't know how to say them? You know how important your blog and social media are, but they're underselling your brand? If you've got a great product but your marketing is lacklustre, we can help you overhaul your strategy and build relationships with customers potential and present.

Brands often waste time and money marketing to the wrong people, but in 2018 creating engaging content via email, social media and your blog is a crucial step in turning browsers into buyers. Marketing to the masses is a mean feat, but with our knowledge and guidance, you could be increasing your online sales tenfold in just a few months. After all, we know what content gets people clicking.

We start by overhauling your brand, giving you a list of improvements and providing you with a detailed customer profile so you're not putting all of your energy marketing to the wrong audience.

Next, once we have established who your customer is, we work with you on a monthly basis, providing an audience-appropriate content calendar that you approve and we implement across your social media channels, email marketing and your blog. We also feedback on your Instagram stories, encouraging constant development and improvement for your brand.

Long story short, we are your new Marketing Director with years of experience, without the hefty salary.



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  • We compile an in-depth customer profile and current sales funnel

  • We take an extensive look at your brand, providing you with a detailed list of improvements

  • We feedback on your website, sending you suggestions on how to fully maximise its potential

  • We optimise your analytics to measure website traffic

  • We send you a comprehensive guide to advertising and perfecting your social media platforms


  • Every month we compile a 360 content calendar that has a primary and secondary marketing focus, blog post topics and notes, weekly social media focus including hashtags, email marketing focus, and more

  • Design and write all monthly content for email marketing campaigns x2, blog posts x4 and Instagram post x10 that excite you audience.,

  • We track your analytics and report on traffic spikes due to press coverage or marketing activity

  • You'll receive an end of month report, detailing the current month's output, and plans for the following month


  • A beautiful instagram feed that speaks to your audience

  • Exciting content that speaks directly to your customer

  • Coherent email marketing campaigns that result in clicks

  • Blog posts that interest, engage and build excitement about your brand

  • Increase in website traffic and online sales

* Please note that all prices exclude VAT.