Influencer Outreach Retainer

from £900* p/m

Influencer outreach is an effective method for getting your product seen by a large & loyal following and should be an essential part of your brand's strategy. Our expertise means that we are able to target and build relationships with influencers that are aligned with your messaging and your audience. 

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  • Well written and beautifully designed press release / press kit
  • Target influencer contacting list, tailored to your brand


  • Contacting influencers on your behalf, and following up on all potential coverage
  • Handling all influencer gifting and collaboration opportunities (paid & unpaid)


  • Digital clippings of influencer coverage as it appears
  • End of month report detailing published/pending influencer coverage, the current month's output, and plans for the following month 

* Please note that all prices exclude VAT.

This last month of December has been our busiest ever, and it’s thanks to LFA and the exposure they’ve achieved for our brand. It’s a dream to work with these girls, they are hardworking, fun, friendly and most importantly they just get it. They understand what our brand is about and what we want to accomplish. They also really love our bras which always helps!
— Maze & Abbie, Beija London