Our dedicated team work tirelessly with a selection of handpicked brands to generate press that delivers. But don't take our word for it - the proof is in the placement.

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We gained over 250 pieces of print coverage for our brands in 2017 in some of the UK's best publications. Our brands were featured in Red, Woman & Home, The Guardian, Stella, YOU Mag, Sunday Times Style, ES Mag, Stylist and more.

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LFA's brands were featured online countless times in 2017 in publications like Emerald Street, The Pool, Evening Standard and The Independent, increasing our client's website traffic by 200%.

LFA Influencer Coverage

Influencer Coverage

2017 was the year of Instagram, and we worked with over 100 influencers including @dresslikeamum, @mother_of_daughters, @eimearvarianbarry, @kavitacola, to name a few.