LFA Behind The Scenes - Meet Tasha


LFA Behind The Scenes – Meet Tasha

What do you put on your toast?
Honey, I have honey on pretty much anything (as salad dressing, on porridge, on bacon..)

What’s your feel-good song?
Last week, Despacito. As of yesterday, On Melancholy Hill (Shannon played it in the office all day). My music library changes quite drastically & very quickly.  

Ask your best friend to describe you in 3 words:
- Entrepreneurial
- Ambitious
- Quietly Confident

What are you most proud of?
My relationships with my family & closest friends.

You can only watch one film for the rest of your life. What is it?
Guardians of the Galaxy. I love Marvel (unexpected, I know) & I love to laugh... and Chris Pratt. Enough said.  

What’s the best discovery you’ve ever made?
Whole Foods Peanut Butter with Pink Ladies Apples. 

Something you want to achieve in the next year?
I have had a busy year settling in London & finding my feet. Next year I want to significantly increase PR Dispatch's subscribers, write my business plan and run a half marathon.  

What’s your favourite smell?
I always work with a candle on my desk at home. At the moment its Jo Malone's velvet rose and oud. An amazing woman and amazing fragrances. 

What would you tell your 15-year-old self?
You aren't normal & you will never quite fit in at school. But normal is boring. 
You will find happiness, just stay true to yourself and hold on to your ambitions. 

What are you having for dinner tonight?
Umm... Toasted Sweet Potato with Ricotta Cheese topped with chives :) 

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