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Resources, Ad Hoc & General Terms

  • The intellectual property rights and all other rights in the resources purchasable from our website remain our property. We grant you a non-exclusive licence to use such rights in the resources you purchase, but only for the purposes for which they are provided to you and subject to the paragraph below. This licence may not be transferred to third parties and does not carry the right to create sub-licences.
  • You are not permitted to reproduce, communicate or publish (whether in written form or otherwise) our resources or any part of them, nor are you allowed to disclose them to any third parties save for your employees unless we have provided our prior written consent. 
  • We always endeavour to ensure that our influencer and publication lists are all up to date at the time of posting. However our contacts do change their positions and details every now & then so we do not provide any warranty or representation as to accuracy. Just let us know if anything has changed & we’ll happily update it for you.
  • Except where required by law, we’re afraid that we cannot issue refunds for any resources purchased from our shop.
  • Our PR assets are designed to help you reach the right people, but we cannot guarantee that you will attain coverage or contact from any lists or resources provided by us. We also cannot guarantee that any coverage you do obtain will be favourable.
  • Any liability we may have to you under or in connection with these terms and conditions is limited to the total amount of the fees paid by you in the year in which the liability arose. This does not limit our exclude our liability in circumstances where it cannot be limited our excluded by law.
  • All images on our website are property of LFA and cannot be used or replicated online or elsewhere without written consent.
  • These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales, and the courts of England and Wales have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any disputes in connection with them, whether contractual or otherwise.