The Three Best GDPR Guides You Need To Read


Has the title of this post already got you shuddering? We know GDPR is something no one wants to spend their time figuring out - it’s a minefield! But no need to feel overwhelmed by all the confusing jargon-filled content Google has to offer - we’ve done the hard work for you and found the three best resources you can use to finally figure out how GDPR applies to you and your business. No shuddering required.

Data Protection and Journalism: A Guide for the Media

This helpful 51-page document breaks everything scary about GDPR down into three sections: Practical Guidance, Technical Guidance and Disputes. The document goes over the basics of GDPR, data protection myths, key points you need to know and much more. You can read it here.


GDPR For Online Entrepreneurs

As an alternative approach to a pdf document, this Facebook community is full of likeminded entrepreneurs who are also navigating the world of GDPR. This group is filled with helpful videos that explain the more difficult things in detail and posts from all different members of the group with their GDPR tips. This has a more personal and interactive feel - perfect if you’re not excited about the prospect of reading through a lot of material. Have a browse here, but remember, it's a closed group so don't forget to request for access!


GDPR for Dummies

They’ve got ‘For Dummies’ for marketing, driving, fishing and now GDPR! You can bet this will be the next thing on your (and our!) bookshelf, but for now this pdf document will give you all the information you need. From introducing the Data Privacy Challenge to demonstrating accountability through oversight, this document covers everything. Have a read of the document here

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