How To Dress To Make People Believe In Your Brand

Wearing the right colours and clothes for your personality. Does it really matter that much? Very much so, according to colour and style consultancy Red Leopard. First impressions count and it's important that people judge you favourably. We sat down with the Red Leopard team to talk about how to master the art of dressing for success and what impact wearing the right colours can have on you and your business. 


What is your best advice for brand owners who want to dress more confidently (and to be taken seriously) ?

Annie & Manina: Firstly, it's essential to look like yourself. It is important to understand what this means if you are following fashion trends. Individual style creates an individual and exciting presence. You need to understand the importance of conveying the right message. We advise learning about authority dressing and the impact of accessorising correctly. 

Ilka: In order to be taken seriously, you need to be willing to invest in a few well-fitted pieces and take the time to create a capsule wardrobe out of these. Take pictures of these outfits and hang them up on the inside of your wardrobe. Having a well-thought out wardrobe will take the stress out of getting dressed and will also enable you to dress more confidently. 

If you want to be taken seriously, the Red Leopard guide to Authority Dressing is incredibly helpful and powerful. By wearing accessories with subliminal symbolic meaning, we can make sure others have confidence in us and, as a result, will take us more seriously. This, in return, has a positive impact on how confident and good you feel, which will result in a better performance in meetings, presentations, etc. 

What is key when dressing for success? 

Annie & Manina: Our Colour & Style Consultation help find the right colours and styles for you. Following our consultation you will have a good understanding of which key pieces you should invest in to upgrade and update your wardrobe. Think of the investment as your launching pad!

Ilka: Dressing in clothes that fit you properly is key. It is important to ask yourself what impression you would like to give other people: i.e. would you like to come across as someone who does things differently and brings in a new perspective, or would you like to be seen as a reliable person who does the job as it’s always been done but faster and more efficiently? Your clothes have to reflect this or at least not be contradicting the message you wish to convey

Why is wearing the right colours and clothes at work so important? What difference can it make? 

Annie & Manina: It is scientifically proven that colour is the most powerful tool when used correctly. The right colours for your skin tone will make you look energetic, friendlier and not to mention younger and more vibrant. This will again make people believe in you and your business and increase your credibility. We know that people want to work with people who look dynamic and capable. It's a winning formula.

The Leopards

The Leopards

Rosie Davies