A Day In The Life Of Att Pynta

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From dreamy velvet furniture to handcrafted ceramics, Att Pynta has quickly become the go-to destination for Scandi-obsessed interiors fiends. Founders, Kai Price & Amanda Nelson met while working in the fashion industry and bonded over their shared love of the Scandinavian aesthetic. The duo wanted to create a site that offered contemporary affordable homewares as well as inspirational ideas and decided to launch Att Pynta in 2014. We caught up with the Peckham-based friends over a cuppa to find out what they enjoy the most about running their own business and what they want to achieve in the next year. 

1. I can’t start the day without...

Kai: A shower and cup of tea.

Amanda: Buttery toast and tea.

2. Deadlines are fast approaching – which album gets you to the finish line?

Kai: I usually listen to Radio 6 Music in the studio, so whatever is playing will do. Or a bit of Kisstory!

Amanda: For me its silence...I need zero distractions, haha.

3. And what snack?

Kai: Coffee...

Amanda: Mixed nuts.

4. What’s the best thing about your job?

Kai: Being your own boss and doing something your really feel passionate about. 

Amanda: Definitely being your own boss. Plus, everyday is different and we love seeing our products in people's homes

5. And the worst?

Kai: Overcoming unforeseen challenges.

Amanda: It can be unpredictable and you can never really switch off.

6. What are you most proud of?

Kai: Securing our column with Evening Standard and our recent Liberty London pop-up shop.

Amanda: Looking back from where we started to where we are now makes me really proud.

7. Something you want to achieve in the next year?

Kai: To bring Att Pynta to more physical spaces across the UK and launch new collections. 

Amanda: Collaborate with more creatives on developing new products and fun projects.

8. And lastly, what are you having for dinner tonight?

Kai: Veggie shepherds pie!

Amanda: Roasted root vegetables with feta cheese and couscous.


Rosie Davies