I Got It From My Mama

From life hacks and lessons to spiritual quotes, here we share some words of wisdom from the main women in our lives that taught us everything.



Growing up with my nan (or ‘Mammam’ as we always used to call her) next door I’ve always been just as close to both my mum and Mammam. 

Both strong-willed, confident and wise women, I’ve received some great, honest and straight-the-point advice over the years. To share a few of my favourites:

If you can’t control them, you shouldn’t have them”  - About kids running wild in supermarkets, Mammam. 

“To do whatever made me happy in life. It didn’t matter what path I followed or how much money I earn just as long as I was happy.'“  - Mum

There is a hierarchy in this house Rosie. If the dogs want to sit on the sofa you get up and move. Things work in this order (top to bottom) woman, dogs, kids, men.”  - Mammam.”


CECILIE OLSEN, Head of Communications

Whether it’s regarding financial savviness, love or life-hacks, my mum always has a great piece of advice or a solution to the problem. She’s definitely one of the most practical, hard-working and kindest people I know. 

When I asked her for some words of wisdom for this, I think she felt the ‘pressure’ of saying something extremely aspirational, however, after checking with a couple of her colleagues she sent me the following:

'“Don’t forget to breathe. Be generous. Be honest to yourself. And have fun! Life’s too short to worry about those small things.”



Growing up, my mum’s words of wisdom have been a soundtrack to my life, whether I liked it or not. The self-proclaimed, queen of quotes, even has her own Facebook page where she shares her ‘seeds of light’.

There are spiritual ones “Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky (- Rabindranath Tagore")” and some debatable ones “If there is one sesame seed left and 5 hungry people then you must cut the sesame seed into 5 pieces and share it out“ - I personally think is a bit extra, not to mention illogical.

I think the greatest advice my mum has taught me is compassion, to treat everyone equally no matter what their background is, and to never judge a book by their cover. You don’t know someone’s story and how they got to where they are, so always keep that in mind before you make any judgements.



 I don’t know if my mum ever meant to teach some of the lessons she did as when I told her what I had said she seemed a little surprised. 

I think one of the biggest things my mum taught me was to not be afraid of taking risks. When I was 6, my mum quit her job and decided to get her degree in Psychology through the Open University so that she could work with troubled young people; something she’s always wanted to do. 

I saw her put in so much hard work over the 6 years of her part-time course and then getting to see her walk up on stage to receive her degree was a big lesson for me to take risks, put in the hard work and take pride in your accomplishments.

She’s also an amazing bargain hunter so teaching me the art of charity shop buying is something that I am definitely grateful for.

MILO, Company Chairman


From a young age, I have been helping out at my mum’s office, meaning I’ve learnt some invaluable work and life-skills. From my uncontrollable hair to my unpredictable moods, my mum always has a solution to every problem. While sometimes my mum is a straight-talking business-woman, she’s a big softie deep down and I can talk to her about anything.