The Plan

We devised a long-term strategy that honed in on who the Lowie customer is. The end goal was to increase trust and credibility through product placement, brand storytelling and influencer endorsement.


Repeat coverage

The Lowie customer trusts what the fashion editor feature in The Guardian on a Saturday so we worked towards securing regular coverage in a select number of publications.

Influencer endorsement

Authentic interactions on Instagram build trust and contribute to long-term loyalty. To leverage the power of social media, we hosted biannual influencer breakfasts at Lowie’s shop driving awareness, coverage and endorsement.

Local love

With a shop in Herne Hill (and now Crystal Palace), the local interest was already there. We generated press coverage in local publications to further strengthen Lowie’s presence and reach a wider customer base in South London.

Raise designer profile

To enable the customers to form an emotional connection with Lowie and to get a peek behind the brand, we raised the founder & design director’s profile through a series of interviews and profiling pieces.