The plan

We devised a long-term strategy that really honed in on who the Lowie customer is and increased brand trust though product placement, brand story telling and Influencer endorsement.


Repeat coverage

The Lowie customer trusts what the editors put in the Guardian on a Sunday so that is exactly what we did. Regular coverage in a select number of publications time and time again.

Influencer endorsement

Rather than just sending gifts in the post we wanted the brand to build personal relationships with them so we laid on a twice per year breakfast at the Lowie shop.

Local love

The interest was already there from the local residents. We built relationships with local press and over time Lowie interviews and product stories started to appear in local magazines

Raise Designers Profile

Investing in a Lowie item came from understanding who was behind the brand so we raised Bronwyn (founder & design director) through a series of interviews and press pieces.