Meet The Dogs Of LFA

There’s no secret that we love dogs at LFA. So what better excuse to dedicate a blog pawst to our favourite furry friends? From food-loving French Bulldogs to cheeky Cockapoos, get to know our di-fur-ent pals (and their owners) here.


Cockapoo April lives with Bronwyn Lowenthal, design director of ethical brand Lowie in South London. On the weekends you’ll find them at Herne Hill Market or in Brockwell Park.

Breed: Cockapoo

Age: Just turned 2!

Where did you get April from? I found her through a friend of a friend in Leeds. Rosie (from LFA) just happened to be up in Leeds from London on the day April turned 8 weeks old and she kindly transported my baby down to her forever London home.

Describe April in 3 words: Cheeky, loving and playful.

Favourite snack: Chicken. Every time.

Any pet peeves? She loves a park picnic so when she runs off during picnic season sometimes it’s hard to get her back. Who doesn’t like a nice picnic right?



Living with his parents in leafy South-East London, Miniature Long-haired Dachshund Oscar is within easy reach of park life. When not socialising with his local pals, Oscar is a regular at Brockley Market and occasionally come along with his dad James to work.

Breed: Miniature Long-haired Dachshund

Age: 3

Where did you get Oscar from? It took us nearly a year to find him, visiting puppies from as far as Caerphilly, Wales. Eventually from near Chelmsford, Essex. 

Describe Oscar in three words: Gentle, mischievous, huggable.

Favourite snack: Pretty much anything he can find on the floor! 

Any pet peeves? Other smaller dogs, hates them! Giant dogs are not a problem. It’s hilarious watching him run around with wolfhounds and Great Danes. He never seems to get hurt for some reason.


French Bulldog Hitchy is a North London-resident and comes along with her parents to their nearby studio everyday. The full-time heartbreaker regularly explores independent markets and shops in the area.

Breed: French Bulldog.

Age: Just turned 2!

Where did you get her? From a Kennel Club breeder.

Hitchy in three words: Crazy, hungry (but a total) heartbreaker.

Favourite snack: Cheese or chicken.

Any pet peeves? Sticks (I must attack them) and I hate my ears being cleaned...


Urban dog Colin lives in the bustling area of Liverpool Street with Matthew and Joe. A core part of the Matthew Calvin team, you’ll find him charming the influencers that pop into their studio.

Breed: Colin is a Cockapoo! His mum was a Cocker Spaniel and they told us his dad was a Miniature Poodle, although seeing how big Colin is I’m debating this..

Age: He turned 3 on the 1st of August.

Where did you get Colin from? We did some research around a family in Walthamstow who had Cocker Spaniels. When we went to collect Colin both his mum and grandmother had given birth to 7 puppies each! 14, 8 week old Cockerpoo’s running around in the front room was a sight!

Describe Colin in 3 words: Bouncy, fun and clever.

Favourite snack: He loves a good Dentastick.

Any pet peeves: Colin really doesn’t enjoy the vets..


Jackapoo Ludo enjoys dog-watching at London Fields with his dad Simon at the weekends. When Ludo is not exploring East London’s hotspots, he’s a trusted assistant in the studio.

Breed: Jackapoo

Age: 2.5 years

Where did you get Ludo from? From a family in the New Forest.

Describe Ludo in three words: Hyper, energetic and hungry.

Favourite snack: Chicken.

Any pet peeves? He’s often too hyper, energetic and hungry.



Company chairman Milo lives with Rosie, Nick and his cat brother Bruce in South East London. His sense of urgency keeps team LFA on their toes. 

Breed: Maltese Terrier.

Age: 5 years.

Where did you get MIlo from? He’s from Melksham in Wiltshire. He came from a lovely family that owned Milo’s mum and dad. 

Describe Milo in three words: Deep. Sassy. Introverted.

Favourite snack: Popcorn (lightly salted).

Any pet peeves? Oh wow. Everything. People walking too slowly, people walking too quickly, scooters, walking sticks, tall men, men in hats (most men), big boots, dogs on leads, puppies, the list goes on...