How To Make The Most Out Of IGTV

Welcome to IGTV, the new video application that brings together YouTube style content with Instagram’s instant accessibility and opportunity for community interaction. An add-on Instagram app, IGTV allows users to share video content that is up to an hour long, providing a prime opportunity for brand development. From product launches to behind the scenes, we’ve put together a guide to show you how you can use IGTV to support your Instagram presence and continue to build your brand.



IGTV launched this summer in the UK, furthering the possibilities of the much used Instagram Stories feature. Simply download the IGTV app, login with your existing Instagram details and you will be met with an array of content from the people and brands that you already follow. Popular with big names such as Netflix and Buzzfeed, IGTV is beginning to gain momentum in the world of social media. The app allows users to easily film, edit, post and promote all in one place, creating instant content that can help to grow your brand.


Curious as to how to use IGTV to benefit your brand? Here are a few ideas.

Product launches - Whether it’s a new product/collection launch or an upcoming event, IGTV is the perfect place to announce something new and create a bit of extra buzz.

Meet the team - People like people. As social platforms become more and more saturated, providing viewers with an insight into the faces behind the brand could help to set you apart from the masses and connect with your customers on a more personal level.

Behind the scenes - Transparency is key when it comes to building a new brand. Viewers want to see how things really work, not just a polished edit of a final outcome. From behind the scenes insights of new product launches to showcasing your design process, IGTV can help you to communicate what your brand is really about.

Influencer takeovers - An influencer takeover on your IGTV provides a space where products can be seen and experienced in real time. It also allow you to reach and capture a wider audience.


If Instagram stories are anything to go by, then IGTV will soon become an integral part of our personal and branded social presence. One of the key benefits of using the app is that your Instagram followers will automatically see your content, as long as they are using IGTV - getting started now allows time for experimentation before the platform reaches the masses. If you’re looking to build brand-consumer interaction or simply looking to broaden your consumer reach, the personal nature of IGTV could make it the place to do it.


Headspace -  @headspace

Headspace - @headspace

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Bloom & Wild - @bloomandwild

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