Why Clients Move PR Agencies


All good things must come to an end… And PR is no exception. When brands move on it is obviously sad for both parties. We recently experienced this, so have put pen to paper to air the real reasons that brands might switch PR agencies.

In August 2015, LFA were introduced to British jewellery brand Toolally at a trade show and it was a match made in heaven. We were drawn to their refreshingly bold and colourful statement earrings and instantly knew that they would be a big hit with press. Fast forward three years and the partnership has resulted in magazine coverage in nearly every printed and online magazine in the UK, a loyal following of influencers on Instagram and an impressive number of stockists including some of the biggest John Lewis stores across the country.

In May 2018, Rosie (LFA Director) and Mags (Toolally Director) decided it was time for the brand to move to a new agency. But why when Toolally were doing so well with us? We’ve broken down the real reasons brands who do well, move on.

1. We grow brands.

We’ve proven time and time again that we can take a brand that the press have never heard of with a great product and get great results. Yes, it is 80% how good the brand is and product is and 20% in the PR but we are on hand to guide the brand in the right direction every step of the way. When the brand has reached their full potential with us and it is time to pass them on then we know we have done our job well.

2. Don’t be all things to all people

We’ve always prided ourselves on our affordable pricing whilst offering the best product placement and marketing services possible. If we started doing events, press days and wholesale we would be diluting our offering. We know what we are good at and we plan on sticking to it. 

 3. Know when it’s time to let go

We love Toolally; the products, the brand and the team so deciding it was time for a switch up was an incredibly difficult decision. As Toolally exploded it was clear their PR needs had changed. They need press campaigns that involve more event management and further external wholesale support as the brand’s operational logistics become more complex. We knew the time had come.

So that’s it in a nutshell. Brands do move on from PR agencies to pursue a new direction and that is okay! We can’t wait to see Toolally take over the world!


Rosie Davies