A Day In The Life Of Hannah Jade Coorg (Stylist Magazine)

Meet Hannah! Working as a Senior Promotions Manager at Stylist Magazine, Hannah knows a thing or two about great brands, products and what gets people clicking. Giving us a peek into her day-to-day life, she talks houmous, Brighton and best music recommendations.

1. I can’t start the day without…

A black Americano with a dash of oat milk. And a banana if there’s one around.

2. Deadlines are fast approaching, which album gets you to the finish line?

This is going to be a very music related Q&A (you’ll understand why after continuing to read down). At the moment it’s Waving Not Drowning by Loyle Carner. Also, channel wise it’s A COLOURS SHOW on Youtube.

3. And what snack?

Houmous and carrot sticks. I recommend Sabra Humous Extra – I’ve never looked back. 

4. What’s the best thing about your job?

The incredible people I get to work and learn with every day. These are the people that inspire me, honestly.

5. What does a typical day at Stylist look like?

I usually get to the office at 9.30am after a 20-minute commute from my flat in Mile End. The first thing I’ll do is check in with Promotions Assistant Lauren on the day ahead. We’ll chat about the team’s weekly objectives from Monday 1-1 and then get stuck in! My personal schedule varies day-to-day but most of the time I’ll be working on email pulling together bespoke promotional packages for clients or working with our talented development teams on tweaks and updates with the product. More recently my role has moved into more of a strategic position so that we can focus on scaling our Promotional product offering at The Stylist Group. This means that my mornings are booked with breakfast meetings with new clients and establishing relationships through our client network with the new product opportunities and project launches. We’re very lucky at Stylist as we are invited to some wonderful brand events with clients, so if there is an evening event to attend, my team will head off to enjoy and get talking to some interesting people! I usually take a walk for lunch at around 1pm daily. We finish at 6pm and I run home from work on Mondays and Wednesdays.   

6. What’s your ideal weekend?

Heading down to my hometown Brighton to see my mum, taking a walk along the seafront and then meeting my girlfriends at a local pub called The Open House for a good old catch up before heading back to the city.   

7. What podcasts are you listening to at the moment?

I’m a latecomer to podcast so these may be old news to avid listeners: Russel Brand – Under The Skin, Like A Girl (Always), Happy Place by Fearne Cotton and Desert Island Discs. From my girlfriends: Today In Focus by The Guardian, Forest 404, The High Low, Table Manners, How to Fail and Love Stories with Dolly Alderton.

On the subject of sound, I can give you a better list of what albums I’m listening to - Origin by Jordon Rakei and Diaspora by GoldLink. From my girlfriend Jazz Grant: Cleo by Charlotte Dos Santos and Igor – Tyler the creator. 

8. Favourite London spot (s)?

I have three. Victoria Park in East London, the 20th Century rooms at National Portrait Gallery and Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park (it’s beautiful and one of London’s Magnificent 7!).

9. One item you can’t live without

My running trainers.

Follow Hannah on: @hannahcoorg