Why Emotional Connection Is Essential For Customer Loyalty

People are getting savvier and a simple sales strategy is no longer enough for brands that want to build long-term loyalty and connect with customers past and present. People respond to people, and brands that think or behave just like humans are the ones consumers relate to the most. By humanising your brand you can build trust and establish a more meaningful connection with your customers. This will also help you stay competitive in a cluttered market. But how do you craft this emotional connection? Here are a few ways in which you can achieve this illustrated with examples from a brand that is doing it well.


Personalisation is a key part of a well-thought-out customer-centric experience. By signing off with your team members’ names your customers will feel like they’re communicating with actual people. The below newsletter from fashion-forward footwear brand Miista is a great example of how you can show the human side of your brand.

In the age of data saturation, it is more important than ever that your marketing is as relevant and shaped around your consumers’ interests as possible. By segmenting and leveraging your customer data you will be able to provide a more enhanced and tailored customer experience.

You should also consider personalised rewards to your most loyal customers (loyal customers buy more, and buy more often) - plus, it will make them feel more valued.


Automated emails offer a great opportunity to build a community around your brand and give your subscribers a sense of belonging and exclusivity - because there is no better feeling than being part of something.


Friendly, warm and personable - Miista’s tone of voice is consistent throughout their marketing and reflect a brand that puts their customer at the centre of what they do. While the below is essentially a promotional email, the brand has put a personal spin on it making it feel less ‘salesy’ and more like an individual email.

Tone of voice is an inherent part of your brand and can set you apart from your competitors (when done well). The more you engage with your customers and create compelling experiences the more they are likely to become brand loyal.


While you don’t have to tell your life story (there’s a fine line between sharing and oversharing), taking your customers behind the brand will help build on that emotional connection. Whether it’s through a personalised email or through short videos, the more human and relatable you come across the more people will invest (both emotionally and financially) in your brand.

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Rosie Davies