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Matthew Calvin 


Brand awareness | The summer influencer party


The Brief


Matthew Calvin is a London-based brand synonymous with minimalist and contemporary jewellery. While the jewellery is loved by influencers, press and stockists alike, the pieces often get ‘lost’ on a magazine page or on an Instagram post. We knew we had to look at new ways in which we could raise Matthew Calvin’s profile and increase the exposure of the brand’s product range.


The Plan

Collaboratively we decided to activate an influencer summer party to reach new audiences and to generate a stream of engaging content - with the product at the forefront. We had to provide an environment that induced creativity, content creation and encouraged social sharing. With the brand’s 5th birthday and a collection launch coming up, it was the perfect time to create some buzz and build a momentum.


Perfect the creative

Minimal jewellery needs a striking backdrop. With the brand’s East London roots, the heart of Shoreditch was an obvious choice of location. We helped turn the space in a disused toilet into the ultimate botanical jewellery garden, which tied in nicely with the brand’s new collection.

Nail the guest list

Influencers tend to hang out in groups. We picked influencers that already knew each other and that fitted well with the brand. This was to ensure that we capitalised on engagement and authentic coverage while creating a relaxed atmosphere.


Product engagement

We worked with Matthew Calvin to come up with the best possible ways to get the influencers engaged with the product. The botanical scenery provided the influencers with plenty of instant photo opportunities in an aesthetically pleasing environment.

The event

The event was a key opportunity to spread brand awareness while gaining influencer coverage. To maximise this we pulled out all the stops to encourage social sharing on the night. We hosted a floral headdress-making workshop which added an interactive element.


The Results

From the guest list to the dressing of the event, we collaboratively activated ‘The influencer summer party’. Over 30 fashion and lifestyle influencers joined us for an evening of cocktails and a floral headdress-making workshop to celebrate the launch of the brand’s botanical collection and the 5th birthday of Matthew Calvin.


The Numbers



pieces of content created in one night


audience reach through Instagram


new visitors
driven to site


increase in traffic, compared to the same day, previous month

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